Action Sports Hub – Surf, Skate, Snowboard, Bike, Ski, Lifestyle, Women Sports

Action Sports Hub – Surf, Skate, Snowboard, Bike, Ski, Lifestyle, Women Sports

Nancy interviewing Roy Sahachaisere, Surfer, Sports Athlete, Husband, Father, former banker & now CEO of ASH or

action sports hub

Photo of skate Shoot with Dario Mottorollo
Vans Team Skater: Argentina


Nancy— Tell me how you started Your company Action Sports Hub?

Roy—-I was following a passion basically.  Or MANY passions.  I’ve always been more of a participant than a onlooker.  I’ve been surfing since I was a grom, but I love to do it all, Bike, Surf,

Surf lessons in Hawaii

Womens Surfing Getaway on Oahu with Lois, Sherri and Nancy

Skate, Snowboard, Ski, skydive, rock climb etc.  I sold a banking business I had about 5 years ago and decided what the heck, lets do this so I started Action Sports Hub.  We started online and since then we’ve morphed into having our own channel that is able to be played on all smart phones and hand held devices and we hope to soon be launching in to the IPTV world with our own button/channel.

Nancy—  What was your key excitement to put your Web site ASH online?

Roy-—My key motivation was just to be around the lifestyle and be able to make money from it.  Be able to write off trips and participate and learn from the best…OH, and all the beautiful women in the industries never hurt as well.  This is more of a lifestyle than a job so I was really trying to pursue something I love, keep it easy (online) and find a way to stay young at the same time!

Nancy— How can this great web site Kokua (help) Surfer’s?

Roy—-Well ASH (action sports hub) is somewhat surf centric mainly because our headquarters are here in Huntington Beach and this is what we all do every day.  BUT, we have some of the best footage displayed on our site and on our action sports channel for hand held devices.  I’d say this site could help surfers (and other athletes or participants in each sport) what the limits are.  What are the top guys doing today?  What is their lifestyle that evolves around competition and the dedication these athletes have to have to go to these extremes.  It gives us every day joes and aspiring future top performance a glimpse of the sacrifice that these athletes make to get to the top of the WORLD rankings!  The sports are not just regional anymore…you have to be at the top of a global ranking to get huge recognition and this is what we cover.  We of course like to cover the people making their way up as well, so if your one of them don’t ever hesitate to send us articles on you!

Nancy— How does ASHl work and How can other Surfers Kokua ASH?

Roy—- ASH works by bringing awareness to the industries.  Industries being action sports and mixed martial arts industries.  We have an advertising business model so that drives our revenues.  Other surfers can help us two ways.  Send us your content as we’re always looking for fresh videos, stories, articles, photos etc.  AND/OR tell your friends and have them tell their friends etc. etc.  We want to be a household name in the action sports industry with in the next 5 years.  Our goal in our advertising is to bring in outside the industry money.  Your starting to see it with the ‘targets’ and ‘nikes’ who are paying top dollar to sponsor some very well known athletes we all recognize and we at ASH feel that if we can show that our industry is a trend setting industry around the world, the money will come from outside by outside industry advertisers, AND in turn we would be an integral part of catapulting the industries to the next level monetarily and globally!.

Nancy— What other Sports do you have on ASH?

action sports hub

Roy modeling for Armani

Roy—- ALL action sports!  Everything from Surf, Skate, Snow (sports), Wake, MX, FMX, Extreme (including rock climbing, base jumping, wingsuit…anything extreme), BMX, Freestyle Bike, MTB (mountain biking) and as specialty catagories we bring in the Action Sports Lifestyles and a section I call “Hub Honeys”.  Hub Honeys is of course what it is, Beautiful women.  We’ve decided that we’d give them their own section because we feel this is a huge growth segment as Action Sports grows vertically.  Womens sports.  The gals are becoming more extreme and able to keep up with the guys pretty much now a days so I think it’s a space to definetly keep the eyes on.  Also we cover Mixed Martial Arts. It’s a global crowd, huge growth and we like to cross market the industries with those that don’t feel MMA is to brutal of a sport.  In reality, with some of the things that our action sports athletes are doing, it’s a one shot deal.  One mistake and it could be fatal, so In a lot of ways Action Sports is much more risky then MMA.  It’s not for everyone, but it is for us! To check ASH out Go to at and go to your phone app and look up “Action Sports Hub” to carry all action sports tv with you 24/7! Feel free to send us any articles to as well so you can brag to your friends!

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