All Girlfriend, Guys, Family Getaways and Aloha Surf Clinics with Nancy Emerson

All Girlfriend, Guys, Family Getaways and Aloha Surf Clinics with Nancy Emerson

Dream……. Getaways

Hanging out with girl friends is always great fun.  Just think of being in the Hawaiian Islands with your girlfriends and meet new friends. Play in and around the warm Moana (ocean) paradise. Just think you and a few friends can fly to Oahu, Hawaii for the weekend or even extend your trip for the week and

  • learn to surf,
  • take a SUP (stand-up paddle board) adventure,
  • some Yoga classes and
  • amazing walks.

There are some of the most beautiful beaches along Oahu’s shores and even a hike in the mountains can take your breath away. You can also enjoy

  • an afternoon leisurely sunset with Nancy’s favourite Hula dancer @ the Halekalani Hotel, or
  • listen to Hawaiian Music at the Moana Hotel, or
  • if its Sunday enjoy dancing at Duke’s to Henry Kapono’s music till sunset.

Flying off for the weekend or week to beautiful Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands.  Now picture perfect waves with warm off shore wind in the Moana (ocean).

If you are going to learn to surf for the 1st time, no problem Nancy will have you surfing on your 1st waves with her world famous surfing holistic technique. Nancy is the originator of  “LEARN TO SURF IN ONE LESSON”.

And if you are already surfer girls, You are going to have a time of your life, as Nancy will show you some of the best waves on offer in uncrowded conditions.  You will be in awe with the views and to die for sunsets, you can indulge in some of the most delicious food worldwide.

And shopping you ask?  Oh My! Oahu and Honolulu has the Best shopping anywhere in a relaxed environment.  And in the middle of your adventure how about some pampering with a decadent massage.

Ok! Lets slide out of your Dream and pick up the phone and call – (808) 294-5544) – or email Aloha Surf clinics and let us book your All Girlfriend Getaway reservations to bring your Dreams to fruition.

Nancy’s extensive knowledge balanced with sensitivity provides a safe setting to strengthen and sooth the mind, body and soul.  Learn at your own pace, in a calm nourishing environment without pressure to perform.

The Aloha Surf Clinics will include:

  • a complete Moana (ocean) scene assessment,
  • ocean awareness,
  • water safety,
  • learn the respect in the Moana and
  • along with a variety of cross training core exercises like the SUP (stand-up paddleboard) and Yoga.

Nancy will share with you the Hawaiian Huna philosophy and the Dynamite technique.  We will work with you to determine your personal goals and how to reach to that next level of fun and joy in the Moana.

Girlfriend Getaways with Nancy Emerson invites you ladies who are looking to escape for a once in a lifetime adventure in the surf and explore the beautiful island of Oahu.

Nancy is very happy to help you create your own package that suits you and your friends.

Now is the time to live a little, have a laugh and treat yourself to your ultimate experience, to your Dream. Maybe you’re turning 40, or 50 or 60 – No! Worries Ladies if you can swim and want to ride the dreams of your life it’s never to late in enjoying the beautiful Moana (ocean).

The Ultimate Mother-Daughter, Mother-Son, Father-Daughter Getaways

There are endless possibilities in planning a Getaway to Oahu, Hawaii.  The tranquillity of the islands, adventure, great food, rejuvenation and the ALOHA SPIRIT will set your mind free.

The best Girlfriend Getaways are all about experiences shared together along the way, Surfing, SUP (Stand-up paddle boarding) on an adventure and relaxing.

STOP DREAMING and give us a call and Let us plan a fun and relaxing adventure with Aloha Surf Clinics in Hawaii.

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