You Can Improve Your Surfing With Power Frontside Hacks

You Can Improve Your Surfing With Power Frontside Hacks

You Can Improve Your Surfing With Power Frontside Hacks

With surfings airs and whips have come to define modern progressive surfing, we’ll never stop appreciating the good old-fashioned power turn. And when it comes to turns of the manly variety, Hawaii’s Sunny Garcia has proved his power turns world wide.  Here are some tips for you on doing a great front side hack or power turn.

Find the right wave: When it comes to doing a big power turn, you’ve got to find a wave that will work for this type of surfing. Yes, you can do a giant power turn at Trestles, California, but it’s not going to be the same for you , if  on a wave without a little power in the waves.  I think Haleiwa is the perfect place to really lay down a huge turn, so think of that type of wave as an example. I have watched so many amazing surfers over the years do some crazy power turns out there back in the day. But as far as the type of wave goes, you want something thick and fast. If the wave is too small, it won’t feel as good. I think a 4- to 6-foot wave is ideal for you.

You need to have the right board: I like to get my boards with a good mix of V, so that it’s conducive to the way I like to approach a wave. I think having hard rails  and some V in the bottom in front of the fins is best for power surfing and big, huge turns. It’ll keep the water flowing right through your back fins and help your board stick to the wave a bit more. Going up a size in fins can be a good idea too. Remember, you’re not trying to slide out here. You’re trying to carve the wave up in two.  If you are carrying extra weight, ask your shaper to keep it thicker in the center area and keep the rails tapered and hard so you can lay into deep hard turn.

Get low on the bottom turn: This is important in just about any move in surfing, but especially a big carve. I like to get really low as I go into my bottom turn. You’ve probably heard it a bunch of times, but think of it as a spring coiling up and exploding. As you go into your bottom turn, stay low and really try to spring out of your bottom turn. Once you’ve projected up the face of the wave, start eyeing your section. As you approach the lip or open face, shift your weight way back on your back foot and get ready for the turn. At this point, you should still have a bunch of speed and momentum. Obviously, speed is really crucial to a big hack.

It’s all in the hips: The best turns begin from your hips and core. As you go into a big hack,  really try and focus on letting your hips and core open up and initiate the turn. Your hips and core should be the first part of your body to move. Once your body opens up and you begin to really use your rail, you can dig your back foot into your grip and start pushing for all you’re worth, all the while continuing to open up your hips. So to recap: stay low, open up your hips, and push hard with your back foot. Those are really the building blocks to a successful deep hack.

Keep your knees bent, and body centered over your board: This should almost go without saying, but it’s important and we see a lot of surfers that could really improve if they kept this in mind: Always keep your knees bent and body centered over your board. When it comes to style, everything should flow and be in unison. If your arms are out of step with your body, it will look funny and forced. Everything needs to be moving together smoothly.   All the Best & know my coaches or myself can help you or guide you in Hawaii Oahu, In Southern California like in and around San Clemente and down on the Gold Coast in Australia.  Check us out

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  1. Jason Liu – Very nice! One of the nicest Hawaii picutre sets I’ve seen. I was just there on Oahu and Kauai. I can only hope my images come out half as nice. The third to last image looks like Sharks Cove on the North Shore of the island. Best, Jason

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