Do you know when you want to make your Cutback while you are Surfing?

When you paddle out in the surf to ride waves and enjoy the waves its a good idea you

to know how to cut back and control your surfboard.  When you catch the wave

at the peck of the wave its always best! You drop down quickly, you will have to be able to control your board quickly and know how to cut back using your whole body and with correct timing, so you don’t run anyone over and get the best part of the wave.  You want to stay in the pocket area of the wave (where there is the most energy)  and keep your speed, so you can handle and be ready for whats coming next.

If you just go straight and don’t turn your board, the speed will slow down and you won’t get the most out of the wave and the distance in riding the wave.

If you have questions and don’t understand this, then we can help you or suggest what you can do to tune up your surfing to have the most fun!


Check out whats Happening in China for 2013

13 November, 2012 : – – 2013 will see the ASP World Tour return to China for the

first ASP event in the Asia Pacific region, the 2013 Hainan Classic, held at Riyuewan Bay,Hainan Island, China from Jan 28 – 31. The event carries an ASP 4-Star ratingand also continues the historic partnership with the ISA (International Surfing Association)established at last year’s inaugural event.Dane Jordan, ASP Australasia’s General Manager has been involved in a number of

events at the world-class left hand pointbreak, and is excited to return and see

the athletes battle for precious ASP World Championship Tour qualification points.

“I love going back to China!” Jordan said. “We scored perfect waves at this event last year.

All the surfers including myself were comparing the Ghost Hotel section of Riyuewan Bay
to a left hand version of Kirra, which is one of the best compliments ever.

It’s great to see the support and interest from the people of Hainan,the government and

businesses continue to grow.”

Glen Hall (IRE), currently rated 18th of the ASP World Rankings, started his best competitive

year to date with a win at the 2012 Hainan Classic and is already excited to return for the 2013 edition.

“I loved my time in China earlier this year,” Hall said. “The waves were insane and the contest

was a full success. The people were welcoming, the culture was interesting and waves were as

good as anywhere in the world. It’s definitely a new surf destination and one I’m looking forward to going back to.”

ISA President Fernando Aguerre has been at the helm of the International Surfing Association

since 1994 and has been a driving force in promoting surfing around the globe and is thrilled

to return to China in 2013.


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