Let The Ocean Be Your Guide To Life

Learning with turning tips and Shaunna is trimming out on Oahu’s South shore


Let The Ocean Be Your Guide To Life is what my Grandma taught me.

It’s been awhile with me sharing with you on my Blog, but life can be super busy.  So I will catch you up here on my movements and my mind set here. I have been in search of more of waves and new directions the ocean is leading me to.


Do you take the time to breath and watch the ocean, her waves and her movements?  If so that’s wonderful because the ocean can be your guide to your life.  You need to connect with the ocean naturally out of love and passion, so she becomes a part of you. I was super blessed when I was very young to be introduced to this by my parents and Grandma.  But even if you aren’t connected yet, don’t give up because you can be by spending lots of time visiting the ocean.

For my Spring in the Northern hemi I visited my home on Maui and worked with my fireman surf coaches teaching first time people, a family learning from Colorado and Mid West for five day and six hours a day, taking them a cool Maui lunch spots and sharing the Hawaiian culture.   A lovely family which was very new to the ocean.  Except the sweet gal in her 30’s.  I always enjoy sharing with people the love of the ocean and teach them while they are visiting the islands to spend time watching the ocean The Moana (ocean) to give them more knowledge so they gain confidence in their surfing and being in the water.

I really enjoyed being home with my family and besties on Maui.  Loved seeing my nephews,my niece, Grandnephew and Grandniece almost 1 years old loving the ocean as the lovely little mermaid she is. Family means so much to me and all our puppies.

Had a super fun relaxing birthday adventure in mid April up North of Mazatlan, Mexico about an hour 20 minutes. Loved going Left riding some fun long rides with some super fun guests and my friend Heather from LA.  If you live on the West Coast, Texas, or even East Coast of USA you would really enjoy Cardon Surf Resort.  Lovely staff, owners, super beautiful lodging and they are super to making what you need to eat too!  So, if you can’t travel far check with them out, because it’s really a quick trip from LAX.

And a wonderful tip my buddies down in Australia shared with me was book with Alaska Airlines.

Back in Southern California I got to visit with my cousins, hanai Mothers,Nephews, niece’s and dear long time friends too!  Loved all the vegan spots too!  Ellen’s fav spot in West Hollywood “Crossroads” Yum!  Great spot for Breaky “Café Gratitude” in Venice.  My old friend and another surfing pioneer professional surfer Jericho Popplar Bartlow gave me a fun tour of visiting the coast from San Clemente to Huntington Beach Pier and bumped into Route 66.  Ha! You had to be there, To funny.

As I said in the beginning Let The Ocean Be Your Guide To Life!   Jericho knows I was raised in Pacific Palisades and Malibu.  Whenever I am in town Jer takes me to Malibu.

The surf was teeny, but we scored another yummy place which made vegan food too out on the Malibu pier called “Malibu Farm”.  A trust baby got a bunch of cash and bought the locations on the Malibu Pier and did very well to make it down to earth with a great Menu.

As you can see I was raised by amazing cooks and love excellent cooking.  My hans’i Mom and Niece took me to another fav of ours in San Clemente called “The Vine”

Now that you have great places to eat in California it was time to go home to Hawaii nei  and get back into the Pacific Ocean body surfing and riding some spring time waves.

 In between surfing I was working on a project that got pushed aside for now, but looking at motivational speaking bumped up to another level since I was conducting corporate team building events surfing in the islands of Maui, Oahu Hawaii and on the Gold Coast of Australia before 2008.

And in saying that I will be open from June 2018 on to fly to different locations to help people and more advanced surfers with their surfing

So hit me up if you are interested in letting the ocean to be your guide.

Happy Surfing to You All!



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Let the ocean be your guide to Life

Nancy moving into a cutback at beautiful Swimming Pools

Let the Ocean be your guide to Life

Some body surfing on the edge with smooth conditions

Let the Ocean be your guide to life

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Let the ocean be your guide to life

Crave deep

Let the ocean be your guide to Life

Our latest mermaid to our Ohana loves the ocean



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