Maui Hawaii

Hawaii's first surfing institution in Hawaii, Nancy Emerson started “Nancy Emerson School of Surfing” and has been teaching people of all ages to surf since 1973. Focusing on the complete surf experience with Nancy's Maui surf lessons and surf clinics. Nancy Emerson surf schools in Hawaii place a strong emphasis on water safety, ocean awareness and surfing etiquette. Coaching with a keen eye to the subtle aspects of form and style, with a specialty in developing a proper foundation for the beginner and first-time surfers, as well as providing the tools and techniques to help focus the skills of even the most experienced surfer.

If you are planning to visit the island of Maui and would like an amazing fun, easy and safe surfing experience, we welcome you to learn to surf off the coast of Maui with us. You can choose from a Maui surfing lesson; Maui surf clinic and we can provide a surf guide for the experienced surfer as well. Your surf guide will take you to some of the best least busy surf spots. Nancy’s coaching team on Maui can help you with any of your surfing needs and help you boost to your next level with your surfing.

We welcome you to come and have such a fun experience surfing on Maui. 

Call on WhatsApp +61 413 380 933 and Nancy will return your call or text.  Or Email

Nancy will personally help you with all your questions and reservations.

Your personalized Maui surfing lessons we want you to feel as comfortable as possible on your surfboard prior to getting in the ocean. Nancy Emerson School of Surfing program provides you time to ask any surfing related questions you may have. After paddling out to the break together, your surf instructor will be there to coach and guide you into the waves. Their focus in the water will be on having fun, your safety as well as learning proper wave etiquette, surfing style, and technique.

Nancy guarantees that with her teaching techniques.  Nancy Emerson has only top surf instructors at her Maui surf lessons which will help you to transform and progress your surfing ability to new heights of confidence and precision. This is based on Nancy and her surf instructors giving positive reinforcements, level of dedication, passionate, patient and sensitive style of coaching.   Teaching for over 35 years worldwide. Nancy has a keen eye to the subtle aspects of form for the first-time beginner to the experienced surfer, as well uses her holistic style of teaching to all surfers.  Nancy’s surf schools are endorsed by the Association of Surfing Professionals, which is now called World Surf League or WSL.

Private Maui Surfing Lessons

This gives you a private surf lesson where you will receive personalized instruction, customized to help you achieve your surfing goals. Private lessons are perfect for the first-time beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of surfing or intermediate surfers who want to improve their skills. Our classes and surf clinics on Maui are taught with an instructor by your side throughout your entire two- or three-hour class.

Semi-Private Maui Surf Clinics

Semi-Private surf classes and Maui surf clinics are made for two to three people and are a perfect way to learn surfing techniques with someone you enjoy learning with. You do have an ample amount of individual attention during your surfing lesson or surf clinic and share your fun surfing experience which will make it memorable for both of you.

Maui Private Group Surf Lessons- Surf Clinics

Perfect for your whole family and friends & you will enjoy sharing surfing in a Easy, Fun, and Safe comfortable environment. Nancy has trained all her surf instructors personally and we keep a 4 to one ratio per surf instructor. If you have five or six family or friends learning, we add another instructor on to your class to keep your class very personal in your learning

My childhood friend Nancy Emerson always could surf.  She shredded  at our home break  at Makaha and was fearless in the water. Always gave the boys a challenge for the biggest  wave  in a 12- 15 foot set and earned their respect. She went on to trail blaze and win surf contests all over the world creating a path for the girl surfers of today in a then male dominated sport.

Stunt Professional

Nancy’s welcoming Aloha spirit, and genuinely felt she really wanted me to have a positive experience with my surfing. She took the time after I had filled out the on line registration, I thought was a very thorough questioner, for her to understand my experience with the ocean, and use as a teaching tool.

California Surfer Girl

Internationally acclaimed Surfing Champion Nancy Emerson with her personal technique will teach you how to surf and will have you experience one of your finest experiences of your life.


Whether it’s one-on-one or as a group, you can always count on Nancy for high quality instruction. Her experience as a professional surfer, effective instructional techniques and respect for the ocean make her lessons a valuable and unique experience.

CARLA Gavalakis
Course Developer VMware

It was more fun than I expected and I gained a few tips that will be crucial to my future surfing. Things like the line up, proper boards, more weight on back foot for turns, and backside drop were all improved during the trip.

San Francisco

I would give Nancy ten out of five stars if possible!! She is one of the most knowledgeable, positive, and constructive surf teachers both in and out of the water. As an avid surfer and traveler, I would recommend Nance and her surf school to anyone at any level: whether you're a seasoned professional or it's your first time ever paddling out. Nance will physically as well as mentally help you to the best surfer you can be. I am so blessed to have worked with her and truly believe she is the epitome of the aloha spirit.

Suzy Skarulis
Singer, song writer, actor and comedian
March 2014