Preparations Pro Surfers Win World Titles

Preparations Pro Surfers Win World Titles

Preparations Pro Surfers Need to Win World Titles

Preparations Professional surfers need to win World Titles varies depending on your mind set. Each of us are very different and thank goodness for that!

Preparations for professional surfers firstly you need to be an excellent surfer. Secondly and most importantly your preparations for being a pro surfer is having the mental focus and a strong confidence in one’s self! That’s a huge part for surfer’s women or men alike. Example Maui, Hawaii’s Ian Walsh, Matthew Kinoshita, Billy Kemper, Kai Lenny, Kauai’s Keala Kennelly, Andy Iron’s, Australia’s Stephanie Gilmore, Mick Fanning to name a few. The man who connects so well with nature of the ocean and his mind set is 11 time World Champion from Florida Kelly Slater.

Not only are these Big Wave surfers, most of them, but they are all around surfers with a strong mental focus.

And truly you need this important factor being equal with your amazing surfing.

As one of the women pioneer professional surfers when we started back in 1976/77’.  Most professional surfers didn’t give too much attention to their preparations for contests back then except making sure they had the best suited equipment and surfboards for the waves they were going to travel to. The IPS (International Professional Surfing) was called until 1982 and then the name was changed to ASP (Assn. Surfing Professionals. Then came a billion, did I say billionaire, Yes! I did and bought out ASP and changed name once again to The WSL or World Surf league. The WSL has made many changes and brought new and excellent staff on board worldwide and made it so much better for the professional’s surfers worldwide.

In fact starting in 2019 all across the board Men and Women alike for all divisions the prize money will be equal.  The WSL has made Surfing become the 1stsport in history to have this happen. What I was raised on equality of men and women.

Bottom line you need to make preparations whatever you need to keep the focus out in your heat!  So you fall or your wave fades out. Brush it off and get back out there and start over.  Be Happy in your heat!  If you aren’t enjoying surfing in heats or comps, stop and get your sponsor to take care of you as a free surfer.

Everyone is raised differently and some of us are taught by our parents or someone close to us as a child with confidence, focus and to believe in oneself.  Because baby if you don’t have those preparations you will have an upward long road.

You can be one of the top professional surfers in the World, but these days if you don’t spend the time with your preparations for your comps it’s not a smart because the competition is very tight now days. Anyone that is serious, such as a grom, teen in any division you need to have your preparations sorted to really be focused if you want to compete.

I personally passionately love coaching people that really care and want to win, but they are missing the belief in themselves.  So any of you out there that want to move your surfing leaps and bounds I have holistic methods to make this happen for you!

Here is a video of some of the top professionals and how they prepare that the WSL has put together to share worldwide.  Enjoy!

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Even Hawaiian Maui boy Kai Lenny uses Sunscreen that keeps our reefs protected

Preparations pro surfers

Professional surfer Chris Drummy surfing in Indo

Hawaii's Carissa Moore Professional Surfer

Preparations pro surfers
can really win with confidence and focus

Happy Surfing

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