Surf Tips Maui’s Pro Surfer Nancy Emerson

Surf Tips Maui’s Pro Surfer Nancy Emerson

Surf Tips Maui’s Pro Surfer Nancy Emerson & her surf coaches will help guide with an amazing foundation with your surfing.

Surf tips for Maui and your surfing.  Nancy really loved what Hawaii’s artist Robert Wyland said  “The ocean stirs the heart, inspires imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.” Because of its moody nature, the ocean demands respect. While we cannot seek to tame the wild ways of the sea, we can learn to work with it in harmony.  A surf tips Maui, Oahu, Hawaii or any surf spot around the world is a perfect way to connect with the awe-inspiring nature of the sea. By understanding its waves, currents, and tides, we have been able to enjoy the ocean like never before. Whether you are a beginner looking for the right surf school, or you simply want to brush up on your technique, these tips from professional surfer, Nancy Emerson, will guide you along your surfing journey.

Surf Tips Finding The Right Surf School

If you are ready to start enjoying the ocean in a new and exciting way, and you feel surfing is perfect for you. The first step is finding a surf school that will teach you all the necessary surfing techniques and surf tips. Below are a few aspects to consider when choosing a surf school:

  • Personal Attention:  very important surf tip to finding a surf school that will give you the personal attention you need. If you are looking to get the most out of your surfing lessons, try a private one class or a surf clinic. Otherwise, ensure that there are never more than four students per instructor if you sign up for a group class.
  • Water Safety: Being aware of the ocean’s condition is essential to one of the most important surf tips.  Not only will it help you become a better surfer, but it will help you become a more confident surfer as well.
  • Ocean Etiquette: Often, when you paddle out to surf, there are others around you that are enjoying the same waves. Find a surf school that will teach you proper surfing etiquette and all the surf tips that go along with paddling back out while others are surfing.

At Nancy Emerson’s surf clinics, you are guaranteed to learn the best surf tips and techniques from the most experienced surf coaches and surf instructors in the industry.

Surf Tips When You Are Ready to Surf!

Even if you are already an experienced surfer, its really is helpful to share these with new surfers which helps keep them out of trouble in the water.  Below is a list of  surf tips from international surfing champion, Nancy Emerson:

  • Check the wind and water conditions: Knowing the direction of the wind and checking for dangerous undertows can help you safely enjoy your surfing experience.
  • Grabbing your rails: If you are having trouble taking off and springing to your feet, grab your rails between your upper waist and chest.  And keep your head up and focus forward where you are going.
  • Keep yourself centered: To properly paddle, equally distribute your weight on the board, arch your lower back, and keep your eyes looking forward. Make sure to keep your legs together, but relaxed, and ensure that your strokes remain smooth. Keeping your fingers closed is important for a perfect stroke.
  • Never surf alone: Sharing your surfing experience with friends and family is not only safer, it is also more fun. It is a healthy activity you can enjoy together.
  • Your board follows the direction of your gaze: Wherever you look, your board will follow, so fix your eyes on your final destination point.

If you are wanting to learn to surf or if you want improve your surfing with the best surfing technique, contact Nancy Emerson at today. Learn to respect and enjoy the beautiful nature of the ocean as you ride the waves and have the most fun you will have.


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