Have you ever watched a professional surfing event? Did you know watching can improve your surfing?

Watching a professional surfing event live or on-line this can help you with your free surfing sessions

There is a reason why we prepare and how you prepare to go for your free surf, so you can enjoy your

surfing event

Quiky Pro @ Snapper Rocks

time in the ocean catching fun waves, rather than being frustrated.

Take some time before you leave the house to have an idea where you are thinking of going

to surf which will save you lots of time.  You can check the night before or check in the

morning on line how the waves are.  When you get to the surf spot

1st take 10-20 minutes to make sure this is the best spot for you and that its not to crowded.  Surfing

a less crowded surf spot you will catch more waves and you will have so much more fun than just siting.

Your positioning in the ocean, the line up or take off spot is very important you check these out

before you jump in the water.  The more knowledge you have on the spot you plan to paddle out to the better

your surf session will be.

If you were able to watch the WCT at Keramas in Bali this past week, you would learn

not to sit to deep at the peak, realize how the tide makes a difference coming up or going out and how

surfing event

Carissa Moore Wins The Roxy Pro 2011

positioning yourself will make all the difference in the waves you catch and your performance.

Watching a surfing heat and they have 30 minutes to perform, you can learn so much

to bring your surfing up to another level if you really focus.  If you want to watch

Heats on Demand or Heat review

for Bali or past events you need to go to the sponsor who held the event.

Example: The Oakley Pro Bali go to www.oakleyprobali.com/, live.ripcurl.com/womens-final- or


Try it and see how much you can learn & let me know what you did learn?

Aloha and a hui hou!  Until next time

surfing event

During the Pipe Masters look close Kelly is going Right and Joel is going Left

A little more about Nancy Emerson...

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