Surfing North Shore Surf Spots: Pipe, Sunset, Velzy, Chunns & more

Surfing North Shore Surf Spots: Pipe, Sunset, Velzy, Chunns & more

If you are thinking of Surfing the North Shore on your next Holiday, think wisely first!  Check out the best spot for your surfing level.  As when you look at this video, you will need to know the impact of how strong the waves on the North Shore are for you before just jumping in for a surf.  This video was shot on Friday November 29th 2013 @ Pipeline!Sometimes going on a surfing holiday to a new location its good idea to hire a surf guide to share with you all about the area you want to surf and explore.  An example when I traveled to the Dominican Republic back in 1990 surfing I had a guide and they carried a gun just in case. Lol I thought, Nay you don’t need that.  And ended up meeting a lovely young 15 year old surfer boy, who parents provided him with a driver and he came to pick me daily to go surfing.  That was so sweet, helpful and he was a great surfer and lots of Fun!So, if you are pretty sure you want to stay where its gentle make sure if when you check the surf report first for the North Shore you don’t drive out to surf if its more than 2′-4′ feet on the report.  By all means Go out check it out and enjoy watching.A good spot for you go and watch first is inside Haleiwa its best for the beginner on the North Shore.For those of you that are intermediate to advanced surfers each spot as you know is different depending on wind and swell conditions.Velzyland is for locals and if you don’t share and make friends before you paddle out, don’t bother, cause you won’t enjoy it.Sunset Beach is for professionals & locals and you need to watch the waves for checking the line up.

So when ever you plan on going on a surfing Holiday seriously look for a local surf guide for lots of enjoyment for your surfing experience.

Happy Holidays and enjoy watching the video above of Pipeline!

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