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    “Perfect for Teens!

    My teen daughter was fired up about her 3 days of surf lessons, I haven’t seen her so excited all year. She quickly bonded with her instructor Raquel, a college graduate who was a wonderful role model as a young woman. She is an accomplished surfer and athlete, and it was clear the surf school had made safety and proper instruction a priority. By the end of 3 days of lessons, my daughter who had only surfed one time previously was walking up and down her board and catching wave after wave. To see her get great surf skills so quickly was wonderful, but even better was how much fun she had, while I knew she had an expert with her to keep me from worrying about her getting swept out to sea! Overall it couldn’t have been better and we will enroll her again next trip so she can work on more advanced skills.

     I highly recommend!  5 star Surfing one of the things That’s especially difficult to learn with no or the wrong instruction.  Do it with Nancy’s people.

    Jill Reingold
    Arizona Visited March 2015