You Will Surf Being Relaxed In The Ocean

You Will Surf Being Relaxed In The Ocean

You Will Surf Being Relaxed In The Ocean

You will surf being relaxed, reach new heights of fun and progress feeling comfortable in the ocean when you surf in the waves.

Along my adventures, journeys, experiences and life I have gained many ways learning avenues to heal people holistically that have fear in the ocean. 

One of those is the Dynamind Technique I learned from Serge Kahili King.  I found this to be an incredibly fast and effective technique for speeding up loosening the feelings of fear of the ocean and waves.

“The Dynamind Technique (DMT) is the most incredibly fast and effective technique. (DMT) will speed up the natural healing process that you will surf with ease.  You will learn to apply yourself for physical, emotional and mental problems. DMT is a combination of ancient Hawaiian practices organized into one simple, powerful technique that anyone can use. These practices involve the use of breath, words, imagery, and touch.” 

There are three different ingredients that make this amazing natural healing the Dynamited Technique. This truly works and will help in your surfing.  I have been teaching surfing, swimming and coaching people for a very long time.  I enjoy using holistic methods to helping people work through their fears of the waves, sharks and currents. Sharing and teaching so many people to understand about the ocean is wonderful to see how many feel so relaxed in the exercise.  So you will surf by being relaxed.  When one is relaxed with the ocean its so motivating for them to be excited to learn to surf.  Changes people lives and gives them so much more confidence.

Here are the practices involved in the use of words, touch, imagery and breath.

The power of words.
Aia ke ola i ka waha; aia ka make i ka waha – “Life is in your speech, death is in your speech.” The words you say, and how you say them, can heal or harm. You will learn how to use words for their best healing effect.”

The power of imagery
Aia ke ola i ka po – “Health and prosperity come from the inner world.” Imagination is used in many healing traditions, and you will learn very special ways of using it to heal the conditions of your life.”

The power of touch
Pa ka ‘ili, pa ka iwi – “Touching the skin touches the bones.” A simple touch can have profound effects. You will learn how to touch certain areas on your body to release tension quickly and allow healing to happen naturally.”

The power of breath
‘Eu ka manu i kona puapua; ‘eu ke kanaka i kona hanu – “A bird is moved by its tail; a man is moved by his breath.” Breathing can do far more than simply put oxygen into your blood. You will learn a special shamanic breathing technique for healing your body, your emotions and your mind.”

You will surf and will be able to take surfing to the next level using holistic types of healing to over come your fears. 

Making sure you are relaxed will give so much more confidence and focus with your surfing.  

One of my five most important key points learning to surf or learning to swim is being relaxed.  So you now know you will surf when you allow your body to relax.  When your body is tense you can create 15 pounds to 100 pounds more dead body weight to ones body or 8 kilo’s to 45 kilo’s added body weight to your body.  So if you have been trying to surf or been surfing for years and have hit a bump in your progress is most likely one of the keys to why you aren’t moving forward with your surfing.

I say to young children what is heavier in the ocean my body or this small rock?  Well depending on their understanding and education we may get both answers, but they understand very quickly.

If you are considering lifting your surfing techniques, learning to surf for the first time or just want to feel more relaxed in the ocean please we welcome you.

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The destination you long for, and the place that beckons you back time and time again. The good news is that there’s no bad time to go to sign up for Oahu surf lessons or Hawaii surf clinics & lessons in Hawaii. You can expect a little more rain between November and March, but temperatures hover in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s all year round.

The surfing lesson starts on the beach, getting you suited up with the appropriate rash guard and surfboard, followed by instruction on ocean awareness, water safety, reading the conditions and surf etiquette.

Your instructor will then paddle out and demonstrate these techniques you have just learned. This is extremely helpful to be able to visualize all you will be doing before entering the ocean.

Your surfing instructor will then take you out, guiding you through the channel or breaking surf and into the line up to get the best rides of your life.

You have plenty of time to practice and go at your own speed.

Each Nancy Emerson School of Surfing instructor is patient, sensitive and passionate. All in all the lesson will be filled with excitement, fun and knowledge and is guaranteed to be one of the best experiences of your life.

We welcome you to come and visit us in Hawaii on the island of Oahu or Maui or both.  Or if you into another adventure check us out on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

 Text us on (808) 294-5544 or email Nancy: 



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